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Grape Skunk is characterized by inflorescences full of  crystallized resin  that fades from the characteristic intense green color towards a golden gray. Just crack a tiny bud to release the unmistakable aroma of grapes mixed  with  incense from its trichomes  . A simple sniff to fall in love with, two to never do without it Read the  review  made by Erba del Conte on our Cannabis Light variety

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Buy wedding cake strain seeds- Grape Skunk – Cannabis Light

CBD Less than 16%.
THC is below legal limits.

Buy wedding cake strain seeds, Grape Skunk is characterized by buds full of crystallized resin, with a deep green to golden color. But it is the moment you snap her that she releases her unmistakable aroma of grape and incense, a unique sensation that excites many light cannabis connoisseurs. Once you have tried it, you will not be able to do without it. delta 8 flower bulk wholesale

Buy wedding cake strain seeds- Our Cannabis Light and CBD products

All of our legal hemp products, such as Grape Skunk, are tested and accompanied by analyses and certifications, technical data sheets, and seed tags in order to guarantee the safety and full traceability of each of our legal cannabis Sativa products and thus ensure their quality and compliance with current regulations.

All our legal hemp plants are grown organically in Italy, avoiding the use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers.

On our online shop, you will find different types of light marijuana in order to provide you with the best experience and an extensive catalog of legal weed. Buy Grape Skunk, or choose from other varieties in the shop!

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Explore our Cannabis Light Sativa L. online shop and enjoy a unique experience of the legal light marijuana products that have won the most Cannabis Cups in the country. cheap delta 8 flower bulk

All our products (legal weed, CBD has his, CBD oils, herbal teas, supplements, etc.) are selected from the best Italian and European productions in compliance with current hemp laws, in order to always guarantee you the excellence offered by nature

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