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Ganesh Canapa CBD: Infiorescenze di Canapa Seedless

4.00 out of 5
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The  inflorescences of Ganesh  are  compactseedless  and  rich in resin  containing a high concentration of  CBD  (up to 11%). The  plants  are  grown without  resorting to  chemical additives  and are  separated delicately and manually  to avoid the pollination process. Just like the other  inflorescences  legal hemp CannaBe brand, even  the Ganesh flowers are sold whole .

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marijuana leaf, The hemp used to produce Ganesh, rich in CBD,  is grown indoors,  according to a rigorous and controlled procedure , with extremely advanced organic farming techniques. The product is grown organically, without resorting to pesticides, fertilizers or substances potentially harmful to the environment and man. The product does not contain heavy metals or other harmful substances. marijuana leaf

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CBD concentration 11%  (Find out the truth about CBD percentage )
Seed quantity None – SEEDLESS
Cultivation method Greenhouse

1 review for Ganesh Canapa CBD: Infiorescenze di Canapa Seedless

  1. 4 out of 5

    Rinki LANE

    4 stelle perché fanno consegnare ad un corriere pessimo nella mia provincia il corriere ha 2 stelle.

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