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BLUE BREEZE Fiori di cannabis CBD (Blue Cheese) – INDOOR

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Buy Blue Breeze CBD flowers online from Diluxefarm®

Blue Breeze, also known as Blue Cheese, is an indoor-grown CBD flower.

CBD flowers online, Blue Cheese variety:
price starting from €410
Blue Breeze, alias Blue Cheese, is an indoor-grown CBD flower. CBD content 14 – 17%.
100% legal in Europe, certified EU CBD hemp variety (industrial hemp)
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Buy CBD flowers online from Diluxefarm® in Europe

Diluxefarm® offers you one of the best varieties of CBD marijuana buds, the Indoor Blue Cheese variety.

Diluxefarm® CBD Blue Cheese flower. It is very popular and a classic from Cherrywifarm. Considered one of the best varieties in Europe thanks to its high CBD content and its crystalline appearance, rich in CBD resin. Its aroma is typical of strains called “Diesel” or “Glue” due to its high Terpinolene content, a terpene naturally found in this variety, and in all the phenotypes of this genetics, such as DEEP BLUE or BLUE STORM.

Undoubtedly one of the best varieties in our catalog and in the European market. Satisfaction guaranteed. You have never seen a CBD flower with a higher aromatic profile and CBD percentage than this.

Blue Breeze CBD flowers are aerial parts of the Cannabis Sativa L. plant (HEMP). THC-free cannabis: from EU-certified hemp strains grown without pesticides or herbicides in a completely organic manner, and adhering to all GACP quality standards. A Kompolti phenotype of the best EU-certified CBD hemp cannabis varieties.

This CBD marijuana has a delightful aroma of “resin,” “gasoline,” “glue,” or hops. Its buds are very crystalline, resinous, and very green.

These CBD flowers stand out for their attractive appearance and high concentration of cannabinoids. One of the best varieties of Legal Cannabis from Diluxefarm.

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