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Berry Mix Hemp Flower

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Acquista Berry Mix CBD Fiori in Europa Dettagli – Fiori CBD all’ingrosso in Europa

Berry Mix è un prodotto indoor ad alto contenuto di CBD. Questa varietà CBD è sinonimo di massima qualità e massimo sapore di bacche. Berry Mix è stato coltivato senza pesticidi e altri additivi chimici. La nostra Cannabis Sativa fiorisce naturalmente in un ambiente di serra. Selezioniamo solo cime perfette e le asciughiamo alla perfezione. Goditi il ​​gusto della bacca e acquista subito il tuo fiore di CBD all’ingrosso in Europa!



Acquista Berry Mix CBD Fiori in Europa Dettagli – Fiori CBD all’ingrosso in Europa

Acquista fiori di canapa CBD dal miglior fornitore europeo di fiori di canapa ad Amsterdam

CBD: 12.64 %
THC: < 0.39 %

Terpenes: Caryophyllene, Humulene, Limonene, Linalool, Myrcene, Pinene

‘Tè di fiori di canapa pura al CBD biologico macinato di Berry Mix – Saporito, tropicale un dolce con sentori di agrumi freschi. Coltivato indoor da talee, questo piccolo lotto è un altro ottimo esempio di canapa di altissima qualità.

Confezionato in buste ermetiche e compostabili realizzate interamente con materiale vegetale (no plastica). Quindi, questa confezione si romperà in un compost domestico o in una discarica entro 6 settimane.

CBD all’ingrosso di fiori in Europa – Legale nel Regno Unito e nella maggior parte del mondo

Il nostro fiore di canapa puro, certificato UE, può essere acquistato e venduto legalmente nel Regno Unito. Diffida delle aziende che vendono fiori di canapa, boccioli di canapa, hashish di canapa ecc. poiché in realtà sono illegali ai sensi del Misuse of Drugs Act 1971. Molte aziende di canapa e CBD che offrono fiori di CBD all’ingrosso in Europa interpretano la legge in modi diversi e quindi abbiamo preso consigli della British Hemp Association e dell’Home Office per garantire di rimanere dalla parte giusta della legge e trasmettere le informazioni corrette. Per maggiori dettagli, consulta le nostre FAQ.


Questo sito Web contiene informazioni generali su canapa e prodotti CBD, salute e nutrizione. Le informazioni non devono essere interpretate come consigli medici e non devono essere trattate come tali. Le informazioni generali su questo sito Web sono fornite “così come sono” senza alcuna dichiarazione o garanzia, espressa o implicita. Hemp By Nature non rilascia dichiarazioni o garanzie in relazione alle informazioni sanitarie su questo sito web. Non devi fare affidamento sulle informazioni su questo sito Web come alternativa alla consulenza medica del tuo medico o di un altro operatore sanitario professionale.

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500g, 1kg, 2kg, 3kg

22 recensioni per Berry Mix Hemp Flower

  1. Danny Roberts

    Certainly the worst CDB flower I’ve ever encountered.. followed up by myself with a disappointed yet friendly email to customer support asking for a replacement (I’d spent alot). They replied, very quickly dismissing my point entirely and offering …with my next purchase… 3g of the same terrible buds..! I told them I would kindly returning my original purchase for them to examine and diagnose the issue. to which they said..
    “No, we are unable sell it on….”….
    “You dispose of/smoke it..”

    To which i reaffirmed “It is not smokeable.”…
    As in.. Actually, physically and entirely it does not smoke… Once rolled into a “Raw” paper with a “Raw” roach, then lit, the ash instantly turned black and blocked the end of the joint, which blocked the path of air through the joint and I was unable to get even a whisp of smoke out of either end… As if it had instantly turned into coal..

    I have been smoking, unfortunately, for almost 15 years and am fully aware of how to roll a joint, CBD specific or otherwise.. In my past experience and research. The ash turning black and inability to smoke is a sign of the nutrients used during the growing and flowering stage, was not sufficiently or properly rinsed through the plant or at all before harvesting. This is done to either. Save water, or. Speed up the process in order to get the flowers to market faster..

    Both pretty terrible business practices regardless of either option..

    Thank you for reading my review,
    Big love..

  2. Ledreia Watson

    My experience with Cherrywifarm has been amazing! The product is packaged and shipped with care, excellent customer service, and fantastic communication from sellers. Fast shipping and great prices. Has been a real gem especially during this challenging time. Would recommend to anyone who wants to relax, focus, and zen. 10-star rating!! Will continue to buy with them even when my local CBD shop opens.

  3. Daniel Joseph

    Great customer service (quick replies and informative), alway fast delivery at hood price and the product is of a great quality. Helped me so much with a variety of things.

  4. Lillian Wu

    Quality products and fast shipping. I have already recommended Kush to my family and clients. I love the cannabis ointments for pain relief. A must buy!

  5. Benson markay

    Order a few times via their website. They get me everytime with their great deals. Excellent quality and their CBD is excellent for a nice relaxed evening

  6. Angela Tompkins

    Great service speedy delivery always helps me at night time to relax thank you 😁❤

  7. Luke K

    Excellent products, reliable shipping, and excellent customer service.

    I’ve been using this service for a year now (even with the changeover) and they maintained their quality.

    Daily deals are awesome as they give you the opportunity to try new things at a decent price.

  8. Estelle Rika

    The products really helped me with my anxiety. It’s affordable and it works wonders. I highly recommend buying this product.

  9. Kristi Shaver

    Great prices fast shipping. My favorite place to buy. Free gifts n sales all the time.

  10. Aislinn Flanagan

    Love this company a lot. The products are good quality and the shipping is fast.

  11. Tanya Shannon

    My order was shipped out hours after I placed it. Mail service was very quick. Product was great. Will definitely order again.

  12. Mahi Mohamed

    To date, I have had no issues with anything from this dispensary. Not shipping delays, nor low quality products. Prices are more than fair and their sales are to cry over if you miss ‘em. My usual source for my general needs.

  13. Mike Borges

    I am Very satisfied with the Quality of product that I receive! There is a lot of competitors who offer Top Quality Product and free gifts doing so but if you take into consideration the process of getting your order prepared, get it shipped in a short time span and finally delivered with in 3-4 days is a bonus it self! Being that what ever that I order, I have NOT yet received anything that I can say I was not up to par or unsatisfied keeps me coming back with no hesitation what’s so ever!!!
    The staff and customer support are Super Friendly with customer satisfaction!! I have referred friends and Family knowing that they also are getting the best product in the industry with Great Services and awesome quality!!
    Thanks Cherrywifarm for such an amazing experience !!

  14. Ben Bird

    The only thing I don’t like is that the site doesn’t state CBD {135520ef0c4f194e70e4b3632698c2adeb15c4f6f46ba156f472fb1b5c455d4e} for everything. Though my experience of them is great next day delivery if you order early.
    And I’ve been happy with their products I’ve mostly bought the cheaper stuff and their cheap offerings are excellent and the price is very good. I’m very happy with the service.

  15. Redoan Ridoi

    3rd time i’ ve been ordering from them and I will absolutely keep doing that.

  16. Sandra McKenzie

    The CBD buds were just what I needed! Thank you so much for providing this service and support 😍 the strawberry 🍓 the bes I have ever tried highly recommended 🙋 the other CBD oil is absolutely divine intervention and makes me feel so relaxed and comfortable 😁😀😄 highly appreciated and recommended.

  17. Helen Mosley

    Now then! This CBD flower is the best of the best, no messing. So happy I’ve just placed my second order. The CBD bud was simply stunning, packaging low key af, discreet packaging and smell proof. Don’t hesitate order it today.

  18. Emma Shaw

    Made my first order last week and havent been disapointed, order arrived within 24 hours, great packaging great buds, i tryed the Berrymix and i have just ordered the bag of popcorn nuggets would definitely recommend 😁

  19. Karl Cameron

    Part one, first time ordering from the flower shop so wasn’t sure but wow ordered yesterday and was here today by 10AM so trust worthy if you you haven’t used them yourself, ordered the pop corn nuggies for the price can’t go wrong they are small but that’s what it says and only going to grind them anyway not to dry smells amazing, haven’t tried yet will let you the outcome, but really pleased would definitely recommend thanks guys.

  20. Naji Harfouche

    Really reliable delivery and high quality product! Would highly recommend.

  21. Leslie Alexander

    Lovely cheddar CBD flowers and next week I’m going to be ordering some more! Simply the best I have ever tried 🤠😊😉🤠😊 HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

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