Come riconoscere i fiori di CBD di alta qualità. Guida completa.

Best cbd flower europe, and you are new to the world of legal cannabis, our first advice is: don’t always trust the labels. The CBD flower itself should speak for its quality. The best cbd flower in Europe

The good news is that it’s easy enough to learn how to recognize high-quality CBD flowers and tell them apart from a low-quality product.

You will certainly find many online guides  based  on various physical and chemical characteristics, but the insiders will tell you that your most important and accurate measuring tool when looking for  high quality CBD flowers  is your nose.


High quality legal cannabis is often characterized by a powerful fragrance. So, when examining your CBD flower, consider that high quality cannabis flowers should have a distinct and captivating smell that should stand out from other flavors. The strong and rich aroma indicates a high content of terpenes which with a little more experience you will be able to identify. Terpenes are produced by a variety of plants and are the main components of resins and essential oils. It is the combination of terpenes that gives a flower or plant its particular smell and aroma (floral, citrus, fruity, etc.). The spiciness of CBD flowers is also directly linked to them 




If your shopkeeper has more display samples, keep in mind that the flavor loses its intensity by staying in the air. If possible, ask the shopkeeper to pinch the flower to release some of those terpenes and help you get a better idea of ​​the smell of your CBD flower. The best CBD flower in Europe?

Hence odor is the first and most important evaluation criterion for CBD flowers. The pungent aroma with its different shades (sweet, sour, fruity, citric, floral, etc.) is always a sign of quality.


Avoid buds that smell like hay or have no odor at all.

Visual Appearance: Judge by Appearance!


Another important thing to consider if you are looking for high quality legal cannabis is the color.

High-quality CBD flowers should generally be green in color, although the hue can range from a lighter green to a darker green. The bright and robust color generally indicates a high quality product. High-quality CBD flowers tend to be a combination of green and purple.


The best CBD flower in Europe: the purple color of the CBD flowers indicates TOP quality

When the CBD flower on the shelf is brown, red, or yellow, that’s not a great sign. Our advice: avoid buying them.


The precious CBD flowers are covered with trichomes

If your shopkeeper provides magnifying devices to inspect the product (alternatively take a picture with your smartphone and enlarge it), check the trichomes on the surface of the flower. Trichomes are a collection of crystalline white hairs that are not always immediately visible to the naked eye. To determine the quality of your CBD flower you will need to assess whether those little crystals on the plant are intact or cut and machine sawn. In fact, the best quality legal cannabis should be carefully cut by hand.

It is in the trichomes that you will find your THC and CBD. In addition to producing these cannabinoids, which determine the potency and properties of a flower, the trichomes produce the resin. But not only! They are also responsible for the storage of essential oils and terpenes, already mentioned, special compounds that give CBD flowers its aroma and flavor.

So, if your CBD hemp flowers are densely packed with ripe trichomes and have a “frosty” appearance, you are almost certainly holding potent, high-quality marijuana in your hand.

The amount of trichomes is proportional to the quality of legal hemp flowers.

gold pistils

Another clear sign of quality for legal hemp flowers is the colored pistils

It is common to see quality CBD flowers covered with numerous colored pistils. The tiny orange, brown or rarer red, pink and purple hairs represent the maturity of the flower and their presence is a clear signal of a high quality product and a confirmation of the correct ripening of the plant. This means that the plant comes from controlled crops and the farmer is an expert in his field.

Their abundance does not in any way affect the potency of the flower, they are only a clear sign of quality. The best CBD flower in Europe?

To the touch

Too dry or too wet? Both are low quality signals. If the CBD flower is too dry, it will easily crumble into powder. It must maintain a minimum of consistency and chop easily without  pulverizing  .

Se il fiore di canapa è troppo bagnato significa che non è stato asciugato adeguatamente. Il rischio maggiore di questo errore di asciugatura è lo sviluppo di muffe. La muffa è solitamente facilmente visibile ad occhio nudo.

Prova a spezzare una piccola parte del fiore. Se risulta “appiccicoso” al tatto – vale a dire resinoso e quindi carico di cannabinoidi (THC, CBD) – ma rimane comunque leggermente croccante, allora hai in mano un fiore di ottima qualità.

Struttura dei fiori CBD

Le cime di cannabis di qualità dovrebbero essere abbastanza compatte, dense e ben formate. Evita i fiori di canapa con strutture “ariose” o aperte e steli visibili.

The best quality of legal cannabis comes from  indoor cultivation  . It almost always excludes the presence of seeds, twigs and leaves which not only add extra weight to your CBD flowers but are normally synonymous with poor quality.


First-class CBD flowers are priceless and should be considered luxury items like fine wine and the best cigars.

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