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5 Hemp Flower Pricing Trends in Bulk and Pre-Packaged Forms 2022:

Wholesale cbd flowers uk. In May 2020, we established a benchmark for the Hemp Flower pricing trend, with bulk Hemp Flower wholesale costing an average of $225 per pound (LBS). By June 2020, the price had reduced by 20 percent to an average of $180 per pound. The CBD flower shop Europe

 The price of a pound of CBD flower and what you need to know

CBD flower was selling for around $349 per pound, wholesale in June 2019. In October, the price fell to an average of $319 per pound, then fell even more in December, according to the most recent statistics/  Wholesale cbd flowers uk. The cbd flower shop EU

CBD flower is now selling for $226 per pound, a 35 percent decrease in six months.

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