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Secret lucerne hemp who are disillusioned look for overseas markets.

Hemp flower Lucerne buy, Many sensed in the cultivation of CBD hemp the big money. Possibly too many: After a short but violent boom phase, the price has collapsed dramatically. A Seetal company is struggling to survive. CBD flower wholesale

“The next harvest will decide whether we will continue to exist.” Florian Koch, tall with a red beard and hair, is the managing director of CBDeluxe and chooses dramatic words, which he underlines with an appropriately serious expression.Buy Hemp Flower Lucerne


Buy Hemp Flower Lucerne

The young startup company based in Hitzkirch has been around for just under a year: four colleagues and business partners who share 300 percent of the job – and grow CBD hemp. “Cannabis entrepreneurs,” they would be called in the US. Koch is standing in the production hall of CBDeluxe, on the outskirts of the industrial area, seconded by part-owner Marco Joller.The cbd flower shop eu

Outside, crickets are chirping, birds are chirping, and in the distance, the through traffic of Seetal is roaring. Inside, behind windows taped with cardboard and blinds lowered (“We have to protect the blossoms from the sun’s rays”), a metalworker worked until a few months ago. Now it is also rustling: one ventilation system guarantees a constant optimum temperature for the growing hemp cuttings, the other dries hemp flowers that have already been harvested. You don’t need a sniffer dog’s nose to sniff out the unmistakably sweet hemp resin scents right outside the front door.


Buy hemp flower Lucerne-Critical account balance.

After a short tour of the company and many questions, a few figures sum up the current tricky situation of the young entrepreneurs. They grow just under 5000 plants at their two production sites in the Lenzburg and Hitzkirch regions. They harvest 40 kilograms of CBD flowers every month. Buy cbd flower buds online

When the Seetaler made their first business plans, the selling price for the kilo of CBD hemp was 5000 francs. A few months later, it had already plummeted by half. “We were then still able to sell our first harvest for 1000 francs per kilo,” says Koch. It is this rapid price collapse that, after around half a million in investment costs, monthly electricity bills of over 7000 francs, and other expenses, have led to the company’s account balance now being at a very critical level.

Two employees have already resigned – “of their own accord,” as Koch emphasizes. The young company is in danger of falling victim to a development that is unparalleled. No one saw it coming when CBD hemp was already available even in the remotest mountain village. Wholesalers, gas station stores and kiosks all offered the weed without a high.  How to buy hemp flowers UK

Seetaler affirm: “We continue to fight”.

In the beginning, not enough of it could be produced; the demand astonished even CBD pioneers. Many believed they could profit from this boom. Companies were founded all over the country and industrial halls were planted with CBD hemp.


Now, after a few harvests, it turns out: probably too many. Especially among the small producers, the initial euphoria has faded and disillusionment has set in. Buy cbd buds uk.This is also the case at CBDeluxe in Lucerne’s Seetal. Nevertheless, the young entrepreneurs affirm: “We will continue to fight.

Side businesses as interim company saviors

The people from the Seetal took entrepreneurial action early on and reacted to the price collapse: “Actually, we wanted to produce exclusively. Due to recent developments, we opened our own store in Hochdorf.”

There, as well as in the online store, the young entrepreneurs offer, in addition to self-produced CBD weed, grow equipment and smokers’ accessories, hemp oils and teas for sale, as well as liqueurs, which, however, still have nothing to do with CBD except for the brand names. “This business has saved us in the meantime,” Koch says. Even if they are down for the count: The young Seetaler still believe in a good outcome of their business adventure. Bulk cbd flower

They do not expect the Swiss market to save them. “It is saturated,” says Koch. All their hopes are pinned on other countries, especially Italy. There, low-THC hemp is currently in particularly high demand – due to stricter regulations.

(A situation that probably astonishes stoners: After all, the illegal market has been cultivating hemp plants with an ever higher THC content for decades – for a more effective high). Koch knows: “Varieties with a THC content of less than 0.2 percent can fetch more than 2,000 francs per kilo.” It’s no coincidence, then, that the entire current crop will eventually end up in Italy via a distribution partner – “provided the price is right.”



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